There was a handsome prince who ruled over all of the earth. His name was Dimitri, and he was admired from afar by the beautiful goddess, Celeste of the silver hair. Celeste appeared to Dimitri one night by a cherry blossom tree and he was quite taken by her beauty. He asked her for her name because he knew at the moment that he saw her, that no mortal woman could ever please him. Celeste gave him her name, but was called away at once by her father, Apollo. Apollo was very protective of who his daughters married, and most especially wanted his oldest, Celeste to find a worthy match.
       Celeste loved him so that she sent her younger sisters, golden-haired Zeese and ebony-haired Thalia to watch him because she could not always be close to him. Dimitri sometimes talked to Zeese and Thalia when they would visit him at his favorite spot by the cherry blossom tree to assure him of their sister's devotion to him. Sometimes his two best friends, the generals of his armies would come with him. These two generals were known as Aristides and Photius.
       Thalia and Photius started to loathe the sight of each other because each seemed to have such opposing opinions regarding certain issues, though the strong feelings eventually turned to love for one another. Aristides and Zeese formed a friendship that eventually grew into love. And still Celeste could only visit her darling Dimitri on rare occasions. Apollo soon realized that his problem was not only with his eldest, but also with his other two daughters, and he forbade all three to ever be near their loves again.
       Apollo would not allow these three to be together because the men were all mortal, and therefore not suitable partners for his daughters. Celeste, Zeese and Thalia begged and pleaded with their father to allow these men to be their lovers, and he agreed on the condition that they complete a quest for him. The quest that Apollo gave to these three men was to slay the evil witch, Ariadne. Ariadne was especially hard to kill because she had the uncanny ability to transform herself into an acid-breathing dragon, and she seemed to stay this way most of the time. The cave that she made her home was at the far end of the world, and Apollo's daughters wasted no time in getting the message to their loves that their father had assigned them a task. Apollo promised that once the men had completed the mission, he would make them all gods so that they could come to live with his daughters on Mt. Olympus.
       Apollo allowed his daughters to bestow one gift upon their beloved before sending them off to battle. Celeste made a beautiful crystal sword that would never break for her darling Dimitri. Aristides received a spear of light from Zeese. And Thalia made a bow that shot fire arrows for Photius.
       When the men learned that once the task was completed, they could then be united with their loves, they set out at once for Ariadne's cave. The witch's lair was located on an island that was unapproachable from three sides because of the treacherous rocks surrounding it. When the three adventurers docked their ship on the only approachable side of the island, they could not see a dragon anywhere on the tiny island. They did, however see a cave opening across a small plain in the mountain on the other side of the island. Dimitri and his men cautiously approached the cave opening, and upon nearly reaching the entrance, caught sight of a beautiful woman with flaming red hair standing in the cave opening. It was Ariadne. Ariadne was instantly entranced with Prince Dimitri's handsome appearance, and she offered to spare his life if he would become her lover. Dimitri firmly refused, and she became angry and transformed herself into a gigantic acid-breathing dragon. Ariadne took Aristides and Photius completely by surprise, captured them, took them back to her cave, and rolled a huge, unmovable stone over the door. Dimitri was left standing on the plain in shock. Ariadne took drops of blood from Dimitri's generals and made clones of the two that would follow her bidding. She then locked the generals into a cage of vines.
       Ariadne once again emerged from her cave along with her newfound minions, but Dimitri soon figured out that Ariadne's allies were not his life long friends because they did not have in their possession the gifts that his love's sisters had bestowed upon them. Meanwhile, some wood nymphs loyal to Apollo's daughters crept into the cave and freed Dimitri's generals. Dimitri and Ariadne were in an even battle and both were having a tough time gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, Ariadne screamed in pain and Dimitri noticed Photius' fire arrow in her right shoulder. Ariadne screamed once again as Aristides' spear of light found its home in her left shoulder. Dimitri saw his chance and sunk his crystal sword into the now exposed soft part of her belly as she threw her head back in pain. As the witch died, her body turned to ashes and the last drop of her blood formed a dark black stone. Dimitri took the stone, and the three journeyed back to their homeland. The three were welcomed back by Apollo's daughters who took them immediately to their father. Dimitri, Aristides, and Photius produced the death stone, which was proof of the witch's death, and Apollo was well pleased.
       Apollo proclaimed that the three courageous young men were well worthy of his daughters and from that day forth were gods and lived on Mt. Olympus with the women they loved.