Yes... believe it or not I was once this cute... and I was even a bulldog fan then. Me and my kitty Oreo! She is the best cat in the world! This webpage is the work of Leslie, a student at Mississippi State University. Leslie is generally a perky sort of person with a wide range of interests. She was born in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama on December 13, 1978. Leslie has a deep love for her city most likely due to the fact that she has been separated from it during the past few years while she attends school. She finds the college town that she lives in now very small and uninteresting. Leslie has one little sister Meredith, an adorable black cat named Oreo, and a Mom and Dad.

I think this was taken at a family reunion... a long time ago of course. L to R: Clair, Erin, Me, Meredith We all went whitewater rafting in summer 1999... L to R: Erin, Me, Meredith, Bethany, Matt, and Clair Leslie hangs out with her mother's side of the family alot, most likely due to the fact that two of her cousins are attending MSU with her and she lives with one of them. Erin (also Leslie's roommate) is the oldest, Clair is next, then Matt, and last Bethany. They are all Leslie's Mom's Brother's kids.

We went to see the original Starry Night by van Gogh at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta! L to R: Me, Meredith, Erin She is a communication major with emphasis in public relations, but her real love lies in art history. Unfortunately, MSU does not offer many classes in art history, but she is determined to get her undergraduate degree there. So Leslie is making due with her communication classes at least she does not have to take a lot of math, and she can get away with talking about art every once in awhile. Besides that, communication classes are fun and can be useful to anyone. Leslie hopes to go to graduate school after she finishes at MSU and earn her masters in art history. Leslie is still not quite sure where she wants that graduate school to be, but she has some time still. She would like to work in a museum, teach, write books, or any combination of the three. Some of Leslie’s favorite periods in art history are Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Italian Renaissance, and Impressionism. It is wise to not ask Leslie any questions about anything regarding art history unless you are ready to listen to some serious rambling about what she thinks of art.

Another one of Leslie’s favorite things to do is to read Japanese manga (comic book) and watch the anime (cartoon) that goes with it. Yes, her interest did start with watching the dubbed Sailor Moon anime on network TV, and she found a little comic book shop in her city that would rent anime for about the same price as the video store. The owner had quite a collection of anime and through that comic book store a whole new world was opened up for Leslie. Her interest is mostly shojo (girls) anime, and some of her favorites are Sailor Moon, Ranma ˝, Magic Knights Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Here is Greenwood, The Slayers, Kodocha, and Oh My Goddess! Leslie has found that most often the manga is much better than the anime and has recently been on a buying frenzy of manga novels. has become her best friend.

Leslie is also an avid reader, yet another reason why has become her best friend in a town without a decent bookstore. Some of her favorite authors are Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, Emma), Stephen King (The Shining, Pet Sematary, Misery), Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides, Beach Music) and Betty Smith (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn).

Cindy, my car. Leslie drives a '92 Chevrolet Blazer. She named it Cindy because it's dark red like a cinnimon candy. Leslie feels that it is necessary to give a name to anything that she spends so much time with and spends so much money on. Leslie loves her car and if she could pick any car in the world to drive, this would probably be it.