My Humans! - This is a very old picture, but it is the only one I can find right now that has all of them. Leslie is away alot at a place that the other humans call "college", but she is sure to give me lots of attention while she is at home. She was the first of my humans that I met when I got picked up from where some other humans found me. I sleep on Leslie's bed sometimes, but only when she is home.

Meredith sometimes annoys me because she thinks I am just around to hug. Sometimes hugging is nice, but please scratch behind my ears once in awhile! Meredith feeds me every night, and I usually sleep curled up at the foot of her bed.

Mom loves me to death. She thinks I am the most perfect cat in the world. Mom doesn't go away as much as the other humans do. I can always count on Mom to be around to serve my every need.

Daddy and I don't speak much. He doesn't like to sit and pet me like the others do, but I love him anyway because sometimes he lets me outside when the others won't.

"O" Leslie and Meredith