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The Parthenon - I am really obsessed with Ancient Greece, and I have never seen a good page about the Parthenon, so I decided to make this page.

Girl Talk - My page about Usagi of Sailor Moon's best friends and protectors, the sailor soliers. Usagi is actually my favorite character, but I've seen way too many shrines to her. Okay, actually, I have seen way too many Sailor Moon pages anyway but I have to add my two cents about the series. The page is only about the inner four, and focuses a little on the supposed relationships with Endymion/Mamoru's generals.

O - My kitty oreo! My sis and I are still working on this page.

the nose knows... - My adoptions page! Adopt your very own perfume or cologne! If I don't have your favorite, drop me a line to let me know what I'm missing out on.